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Sourdough: Beginnings

Like most things one does in one’s early 20s, I took for granted my first kitchen job. I worked in the pastry department of a restaurant with a whole animal program, a commitment to using local produce so serious it prevented them from putting sliced tomatoes on their hamburgers in

Vegan Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Do you ever makes something that’s intentionally healthy and unintentionally ends up tasting like the absolute most glorious (and somehow nutrient-filled) junk food you’ve ever tasted? That’s exactly what happened when I made this dish a few weeks ago. It’s been a slower blogging month between recovering from surgery, planning

miso corn chowder with sheep's milk yogurt

15-Minute Miso Corn Chowder

Sometimes, particularly when we’re feeling cold, tired, and totally #overit with winter, you need a recipe that doesn’t come with 10,000 insta-worthy photos or a complicated step by step. Sometimes you just need something comforting and cozy, that you can make with ingredients you most likely already have in your

A perfect no-knead artisan bread boule

No-Knead Artisan Bread

The day I learned to make this no-knead artisan bread, everything changed for me. Suddenly it was perfectly legitimate to spend a Saturday morning waiting anxiously for a perfect round boule to cool before splitting it in half and spending an hour in the library slathering it with endless combinations

Tahini chocolate chip cookies that are raw vegan and gluten-free

Tahini Chip Cookies (Raw + Vegan!)

My obsession with raw, vegan cookies is sort of a dirty secret. I’m neither raw nor vegan, but sometimes I want a snack that feels like a cookie but is actually legitimate food. Raw vegan “baked” goods fill this niche perfectly. The best thing about them is that you don’t 100%

A dutch baby pancake makes a perfect sweet or savory break

Dutch Baby

I’m a sweet and savory for breakfast kind of person: there is no or in my vocabulary. If I’m having bacon or sausage with a classic diner breakfast, I pour syrup on the whole thing. If I order french toast, I want a side of something cured and salty. In that weird