French Beef Curry

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You could say I’ve always had a passion for old cookbooks. One of my favorite childhood volumes was a technicolor tome thick as a telephone book with the cover ripped off, so I’ve no idea what it was called. My mother seemed to use it exclusively for a carrot cake recipe, but I could easily…… Continue reading French Beef Curry

Two Ingredient Ube Knots

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I have a long, complicated relationship with Pillsbury crescent roll dough. As someone who almost always prefers to make everything from scratch, I like to think of my former love affair with the canned pastry a sort of dirty secret, a whispered confession only to my closest friends. As a child I was a disaster…… Continue reading Two Ingredient Ube Knots


I grew up in a family where “Christmas Cookies” primarily meant many variations on the theme of chocolate chip. There were also classic fork-hashed peanut butter cookies, maybe something with oatmeal, and very often, rugelach, because my Irish-Catholic mother had a thing for marrying Jewish men. Pignoli and Italian Wedding Cookies were the most exotic…… Continue reading Pfeffernüsse

Health Farm Corn Muffins

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With Thanksgiving fast-approaching, I know I’m supposed to be thinking about pies, expressing hot takes on cranberry sauce, or reading endless tracts on the dos and don’ts of cooking a turkey. Any self-respecting food blogger would be considering these things performatively if not practically, so perhaps I have little self-respect, because I’m not thinking about…… Continue reading Health Farm Corn Muffins