French press with turmeric chai lattes in pyrex tea cups

French Press Chai Latte

This weekend in New York was so cold that it seemed unbearable to do anything other than cozy up with a book, some warm beverages, and spend time in the kitchen. I’m lucky to live in Kensington, Brooklyn — a neighborhood with a lot of great grocery shopping. There are

Tahini chocolate chip cookies that are raw vegan and gluten-free

Tahini Chip Cookies (Raw + Vegan!)

My obsession with raw, vegan cookies is sort of a dirty secret. I’m neither raw nor vegan, but sometimes I want a snack that feels like a cookie but is actually legitimate food. Raw vegan “baked” goods fill this niche perfectly. The best thing about them is that you don’t 100%

A dutch baby pancake makes a perfect sweet or savory break

Dutch Baby

I’m a sweet and savory for breakfast kind of person: there is no or in my vocabulary. If I’m having bacon or sausage with a classic diner breakfast, I pour syrup on the whole thing. If I order french toast, I want a side of something cured and salty. In that weird

Pierog traditional polish poppyseed strudel recipe

Pierog: Poppyseed Strudel

This year, the Gastrognome and I decided to make the traditional Ukranian Christmas Eve meal, start to finish, completely from scratch. In years past, his mother would purchase the items from a Ukranian church, toss it all in the oven, and call it good — and it was good, at least

Hickory Vanilla Marshmallow Creme


After three days of running around holiday-ing with the family, my husband and I settled in for a lazy Sunday of apologizing to the cat for leaving her alone for so long. In the midst of Christmas shopping, listening to The Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack, and making soup out of

sacre couer street view

Croissants & Montmartre

This morning I woke up missing Paris to the point of near-physical pain. Specifically warm pain au chocolat from a tiny boulangerie with orange awning in Montmarte, where I spent one of the most blissfully strange weeks of my life.