miso corn chowder with sheep's milk yogurt

15-Minute Miso Corn Chowder

Sometimes, particularly when we’re feeling cold, tired, and totally #overit with winter, you need a recipe that doesn’t come with 10,000 insta-worthy photos or a complicated step by step. Sometimes you just need something comforting and cozy, that you can make with ingredients you most likely already have in your

Wexford Ireland's Ancient East

Visit Wexford: Killiane Castle and Rosslare

Since we had just over a day in Wexford, we tried to squeeze in as much of the sites as possible. After chatting with a local in the parking lot of Dunbrody Abbey (who taught us that Kilmokea was pronounced Kill-mokee not Kill-moh-key-ah), we realized that we would need to

Dunbrody Abbey Wexford Ireland

Visit Wexford: Dunbrody Abbey

On the way from Kilmokea Country Manor & Gardens to our night’s lodging at Killiane Castle, we had a semi-planned stop along the way. I’ve had a lifelong love affair with hedge mazes after visiting the Formal Gardens at Georgian Court College in New Jersey as a child, so when

Kilmokea Wexford Ireland Ancient East

Visit Wexford: Kilmokea Country Manor & Gardens

Last summer, the Gastognome and I set off on a 10-day road trip around Ireland. Since we were flying in and out of Dublin, we wanted to create a loop that made the most of our time on the Emerald Isle. After months of planning and drafting various itineraries, we

Healthy muffins baked with avocado

Avocado Morning Glory Muffins

Sometimes, I want a bakery-sweet, fluffy, basically-a-cupcake kind of muffin. And sometimes that’s what my heart wants, but my body is craving something with a little more nutritional value. Enter the avocado morning glory, a recent creation that was the result of leftover carrots and avocados that needed using. I

A perfect no-knead artisan bread boule

No-Knead Artisan Bread

The day I learned to make this no-knead artisan bread, everything changed for me. Suddenly it was perfectly legitimate to spend a Saturday morning waiting anxiously for a perfect round boule to cool before splitting it in half and spending an hour in the library slathering it with endless combinations

French press with turmeric chai lattes in pyrex tea cups

French Press Chai Latte

This weekend in New York was so cold that it seemed unbearable to do anything other than cozy up with a book, some warm beverages, and spend time in the kitchen. I’m lucky to live in Kensington, Brooklyn — a neighborhood with a lot of great grocery shopping. There are