Two Ingredient Ube Knots

I have a long, complicated relationship with Pillsbury crescent roll dough. As someone who almost always prefers to make everything from scratch, I like to think of my former love affair with the canned pastry a sort of dirty secret, a whispered confession only to my closest friends. As a


I grew up in a family where “Christmas Cookies” primarily meant many variations on the theme of chocolate chip. There were also classic fork-hashed peanut butter cookies, maybe something with oatmeal, and very often, rugelach, because my Irish-Catholic mother had a thing for marrying Jewish men. Pignoli and Italian Wedding

Health Farm Corn Muffins

With Thanksgiving fast-approaching, I know I’m supposed to be thinking about pies, expressing hot takes on cranberry sauce, or reading endless tracts on the dos and don’ts of cooking a turkey. Any self-respecting food blogger would be considering these things performatively if not practically, so perhaps I have little self-respect,

Almond Butter Pandemonium Ice Cream

I’ve been having a lot of thoughts and feelings lately about the way food and cooking is portrayed on the internet. I love to scroll through Pinterest and save images of enormous farmhouse sinks and perfectly-styled bowls of fruit and granola as much as the next person, but I also

A Scorpion Feast: Lamb Tagine

I should know, by now, that when my husband says he “doesn’t want a dinner party” for his birthday, what he actually means is that he will confess, at the absolute last minute, that the only thing he wants to do on his birthday is invite 15-20 people over to